• Burlington Telecom for Your Business

    Burlington Telecom for Your Business

    BT's 100% Fiber optic network is fully capable of supporting every business' needs. From small to large, we provide the customizable solutions with the personal touch that only a local provider can deliver.
  • Commercial Internet

    Commercial Internet

    The Fastest Internet Available in Burlington. Period. With the only 100% Fiber optic network in Burlington, you get more speed, performance and reliability than you've ever experienced. And with symmetrical speeds, upload as fast as you download.
  • Customized Packages

    Customized Packages

    BT offers customized services to meet your business' needs. We have an array of products that can help you get started, from providing a Wifi network to free email and web hosting. Let us work with you to determine what you need to optimize your business.
  • Refer a Business

    Refer a Business

    Has Burlington Telecom made a difference for your business? Know of another business that could benefit from BT's service? For every business you refer that signs up, you will both receive a $20, $30 or $50 credit depending on how many services they are subscribed to. Simply have them mention that you—an existing business subscriber—referred them when signing up for new service. It’s that easy, so go spread the word! Some restrictions may apply.

Commercial Services

Superior Speeds and Reliability
With the only 100% Fiber optic network in Burlington you get more speed, performance and reliability than you’ve ever experienced, delivering symmetrical broadband for the fastest downloads and uploads. BT’s fiber optic Internet service can scale dramatically to meet all of your future needs with ease.
Need a GIG of Speed? No problem.
Access to a large amount of bandwidth is more important today than ever. New cloud based services and other bandwidth intensive apps have become increasingly essential to keeping businesses running. We provide 1 Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) of the fastest and most reliable service available. Never worry about slow downs and downtime again.
Local Customer Service
We understand network downtime can mean lost business to you. As your friendly neighborhood Fiber network provider, we are available 24/7 to help with any issues you may encounter. If you have any problems or just a quick question, we’re around the corner to service your needs when you call, not “sometime this week.”

Questions? Email us!

Commerical Sales

Contact Commercial Sales Rep Nicholas Martin to find out how BT can help your business.

BT Business Spotlight


BT has selected Hark as its business spotlight for September! Since 1995, Hark has been building brands across a wide spectrum of industries, from natural food pioneers to medical software innovators. BT shares Hark’s belief that a brand is experienced via the sum of all interaction points, like the way a phone is answered and the care with which an email is sent. They shape brand credibility through customer experience. Owner and founder Jeffrey Harkness says “At Hark, we do what technology was meant to do-help connect you with your audience. We build brands around real people and that’s why we chose BT. The ultra-fast internet and incredible customer service from BT Business Services helps us reliably connect to our clients on a whole new level.”

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