What We Offer

What We Offer
Keep your business on the cutting edge and don’t settle for anything less than the area’s only 100% fiber optic network.
Call us today and find out just how much more speed and quality your business can get for its money. Let us design a custom package that gives you more of what you want and what you need to stay ahead.

BT’s 100% fiber optic network delivers unmatchable Internet speeds of up to 1 symmetrical Gigabit. So what do those speeds mean for you? Share huge presentation files, videos and images, with equal upload and download speeds. And since BT’s built for Burlington, our services are backed by the local customer service and reliability you expect from BT.

  1. Metro Ethernet

    If your network includes multiple locations, remote offices, home offices or any combination of business-to-business connections, Metro Ethernet can keep your network traffic safe and, most importantly, secure. Burlington Telecom can provide your business with a custom solution that allows multi-site businesses in Burlington to access a private network via one of their connected sites.


  2. Static IP
    Need server support, remote VPN access or a SSL certificate for e-commerce? A Static IP ensures your company has a dedicated IP with a fiber fast connection available at all times. 
  3. Point to Point Connectivity
    BT Commercial can provide a dedicated link for your business, ensuring your business and buildings are well connected and the transfer of sensitive information or applications that require sustained throughput, such as streaming video or voice, is well supported.
  4. Wi-Fi
    Looking for wireless access throughout your building? BT Commercial can incorporate access points into a business solution, allowing employees and clients to roam the network from any location of any size. 
With Burlington Telecom’s state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, your clients and employees will enjoy crystal-clear video and audio throughout your business. Burlington Telecom offers a wide variety of exciting television programming.
Hundreds of channels are readily available for viewing, including business packages designed especially for the hospitality industry. Eye-popping High-Definition (HD) programming enhances any entertainment experience. At 10x the resolution of standard programming, HD images are beyond sharp. Combining enhanced visuals with theater-quality sound, your customers will see and hear the difference with HD service from Burlington Telecom.
With 25+ calling features included, BT delivers clear, reliable phone service. Whether you simply need one line, or you need a more complex system with hundreds of direct-dial lines, BT can customize a package that’s right for you.

  1. IP Trunks
    This low-cost solution carries voice and data over an IP network. BT’s expertise connects native SIP trunks directly to your IP Virtual PBX phone system. With BT, any size business and any size budget can connect to customers with clarity and speed. 
  2. Analog Measured
    Burlington Telecom offers a full range of business telecom solutions including traditional Analog Measured Services (POTS) such as local dial tone, local and long distance calling plans, competitive international rates, toll free lines and voice mail. Additionally, Burlington Telecom offers several productivity enhancing services including:
    3-Way Calling
    Caller ID
    Call Waiting
    Call Forwarding
    Conference Calling
    Remote Call Forwarding
    Video Conferencing
    and more…
    Whether it’s a Local Toll, Intrastate or Interstate call, Burlington Telecom’s reliable service and low rates will give you and your business a greater peace of mind when making your calls.
  3. T1 & PRI
    Whether you need a traditional telephone solution or want a back-up solution for redundancy, Burlington Telecom’s ISDN PRI Service comes with all the features and functionality you need, all for one competitive price. ISDN PRI is a flexible technology that will fit the size of your business today and can easily grow with you for fit your organization’s needs in the future.
    PRI is a local exchange access service that provides a high speed (T-1 or 1.5 Mbps) direct digital connection. ISDN PRI T1 provides increased efficiency through a PBX phone system by setting up and breaking down the PRI phone calls faster than a regular voice T1 or phone lines. This connection provides our customers with access to voice and data services which eliminates the need for individual dedicated circuits. [ISDN-PRI consists of 23B and 1D channels]
  4. Hosted VoIP Services
    The goal for most businesses is to do more with less. Fortunately, that is exactly what VoIP offers. The capital investment for a hosted solution is typically much lower than a premise based solution. This is primarily because hosted-voice does not require an on-site PBX, a major purchase that for most businesses necessitates a long-term commitment lease. To implement hosted-voice service, businesses only need to purchase IP Phones.

    Your business will realize additional savings with hosted-voice because voice and internet are provided over the same connection.

    For more information and VoIP offerings click here!

We realize that every business is different and that there is no catch all bundle when it comes to a business networking solution. Whether your organization is a one-person start-up or a multi-site large business, Burlington Telecom will work with you to ensure a solution to help your business get the most from our network. 

  1. State-of-the-Art Network Solutions
    In order for a company to function properly and succeed, it must have a reliable and secure network that can be depended on daily. BT provides the latest equipment and networking solutions necessary to create a reliable, secure network that fulfills the needs of an organization. Let Burlington Telecom work with your business to design that solution. 
  2. 24-hour support
    Should you encounter any technical issues while on our network, BT has 24 hour local technical support available. We will utilize our resources to work with carriers and vendors to solve technical challenges. We take responsibility for diagnosing the issue and working through it until the service has been restored. If an issue is traced to faulty equipment, we will coordinate with the hardware vendor when necessary to negotiate a replacement or technical troubleshooting.
    Free Up Your Network, Secure Your Data
    Simplify your life and your business with Burlington Telecom’s hosting solutions. BT provides secure, reliable and scalable solutions for all of your hosting needs. Hosting with Burlington Telecom frees up staff time, money and gives you peace of mind in knowing that you can find everything you need to run your business right here at BT. This is just one more way that Burlington Telecom can help you and your business succeed! 
  3. Co-Location

    Co-location has become a popular option for companies with midsize IT needs–especially those in Internet related business–because it allows the company to focus its IT staff on the actual work being done, rather than the logistical support needs underlying it.

    Burlington Telecom’s co-location service allows you to focus on your core business while your IT servers are located in one of our safe, secure and climate controlled facilities with 24/7/365 keycard access and video surveillance security. There is no longer a need to worry about your network going down or having enough bandwidth, when you outsource your network traffic to Burlington Telecom. We provide a secure, reliable and scalable solution for your co-lo needs, freeing up your internal network for other uses. With Co-Lo, the time and cost savings for your business can be considerable.

  4. Email Hosting

    Simplify your life and eliminate the overhead of supporting your own in-house email service. Burlington Telecom Hosted Exchange service provides our business customers with all the productivity advantages of a managed Microsoft Exchange solution, including Microsoft Office integration features. Plus, Burlington Telecom offers Email Hosting customers a vast storage capacity.

    Being able to rely on our dedicated, local support team to answer questions at all times adds IT horsepower to your business without adding staff. That’s business-class service, part of the hassle-free Burlington Telecom experience.

  5. Web Hosting
    Burlington Telecom offers Web Hosting to help simplify your company’s site and your life. We offer flexible and scalable hosting solutions with the space, traffic capacity and reliability your business needs. 
  6. DNS Hosting
    In addition to website hosting, Burlington Telecom also provides DNS hosting. DNS hosting service is optimal for organizations with servers in multiple geographic locations and provides resilience and minimized latency for clients around the world. By operating DNS nodes closer to end users, DNS queries travel a much shorter distance, resulting in faster web address resolution speed.