VoIP Telephones

Savvy businesses are always finding ways to do more for less and that is exactly what a hosted VoIP phone system offers. Traditional PBX (customer-owned premise based systems) are expensive and usually come with long-term contracts with a 3rd party vendor. On average, the capital investment for BT’s hosted voice solution is much lower; simply purchase the IP Phones, cut out the third party, and deal directly with us. BT offers a variety of phones and price points to match the diverse needs of our customers.


Our more popular options are listed here, contact Nicholas Martin at (802)540-0009 for more information and pricing.


Polycom VVX 500 VoIP Phone

12-line multimedia phone with a 3.5’’ color touch screen. Display your business logo, calendar, weather alerts, breaking news and more

Yealink SIP-T46G VoIP Phone

6-line Gigabit phone with Optima HD Voice and a 4.3’’ color screen. Features include Shared Call Appearance to make business calls from your office, home, or on the go.


Yealink SIP-T29G VoIP Phone

10-line Gigabit phone with a 4.3’’ color screen and Optima HD Voice. With programmable keys, the IP Phone supports vast productivity enhancing features.

Yealink SIP-T32G VoIP Phone

T3-line Gigabit phone. The 3’’ color screen with HD Voice and dual-port Gigabit Ethernet is the perfect solution for a gigabit based network infrastructure.

Yealink SIP-T41P VoIP Phone

3-line phone with dual-port Ethernet, 2.7’’ grayscale screen, and Optima HD Voice for exceptional audio quality on calls.


confrencePolycom IP 5000 VoIP Phone

Conference Phone. One line SIP phone that features HD Voice technology. Made for executive offices and small conference rooms with a 7-foot microphone pickup.