Refer-a-Friend Program

Have friends or neighbors who haven’t yet signed up with BT? Let them know about us and you can both reap the benefits of joining Burlington’s very own fiber optic network of the future.

How it works: Refer your friends or neighbors to our services. When they order their new service, have them mention that you—an existing BT subscriber—referred them.

Refer them to one service and get a $20 credit for both of you

Refer them to two services and get a $30 credit for both of you

Refer them to three services and get a $50 credit for both of you

*See additional details below.

*Refer a Neighbor Program Details

Burlington Telecom reserves the right to end the promotion with 30 days’ notice. Burlington Telecom is not responsible for non-serviceable addresses.

EXISTING CUSTOMERS (REFERRER): For every qualifying new residential customer you refer to Burlington Telecom service, we will credit you up to $50. As an existing customer there is no limit to the number of folks you can refer.

NEW CUSTOMERS (REFERRAL): As a new customer you may cite only one referrer to obtain credit. Your order must be placed by end date indicated. To qualify for credit, you must order at least one service (internet, cable television, telephone).. Additionally, you must mention the referral at the time you place your order.

CREDITS & PAYMENTS: You will receive your new customer (Referral) up to $50 credit after maintaining services for 60 days. Current customers (Referrers) will receive their up to $50 credit on their bill for all verified referrals within the same applicable billing period.