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How to sign up for bill pay

Welcome to the automated bill payment system, secured and operated by PayDQ. You may view and pay your bill using electronic check, or a VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card.

Please Note: if you sign-up for automatic bill payment you will no longer receive a paper copy of your bill. You will receive notification via email and you can print out your bill using your printer.

The information you submit on this site is secure and will be kept confidential. All communications between you and PayDQ are encrypted using Secure Sockets technology and strong security procedures are maintained and monitored in our processing center. We safeguard any personal information you may supply and do not share it.

What are my options for billing? Plenty. We can bill you via the U.S. Mail, create an automatic debit through your checking account, you can pay via credit card or you can view your bill online and can choose to have your bill delivered via email if desired. How will my first bill differ from my typical monthly bills? There are three one-time fees you should expect to be applied to your first bill: 1. Prorated Initial Charge for service after installation Because your installation will occur during the course of a billing cycle, the days from installation to the end of the billing cycle will be prorated. This means your first bill will cover a longer period and so be different (higher) than a simple onemonth bill. For example, if your installation occurred on June 12th, your first bill will arrive around July 1st. That bill will include the prorated charges for service from June 12th to June 20th, in addition to the standard monthly charge for June 21st through July 20th. In other words, your bill will reflect your monthly charge as well as the additional charge for those eight days prior to your first full billing cycle. 2. Installation Charge We list installation charges on your first bill as follows: • 1 service installed – $65 • 2 or 3 services installed – $65 on bundles under $80, over $80 is free. 3. Wiring Charge If you chose to have any additional wiring performed, the associated charge will appear on your first bill. What are your late payment policies? Your bill we be due upon receipt. If the unpaid balance is not paid within 30 days, collection and disconnection procedure