The clear call quality you need with the features you expect – Call Waiting, Caller ID, and many more! Choose additional features to customize your service. Choose from:

Basic (Local Calls are 2¢/min ; Long Distance Calls are 5¢/min)

Community Unlimited ( Long Distance Calls are 5¢/min)

USA Unlimited (Includes Canada, excludes AK)  

  1. Additional Features

    All Phone Service Includes:

    3-Way Calling Anonymous Call Reject Call Block Call Forwarding
    Call Waiting Call Waiting with Caller ID Caller ID (Number Only) Caller ID (Name and Number)
    Speed Dial 8 Voice Mail Selective Call Block Home Intercom

    Additional Services : 900/976 Block Call Return (*69) Call Transfer Distinctive Ring Speed Dial 30 Voice Mail – 3 Boxes Voice Mail (w/ unified messaging) Busy Redial (*66) Caller ID Block Long Distance Toll Block Directory Listings & Toll Free: 2nd Directory Listing: $5.00 Non-Published Directory: $5.00 Non-Listed Directory: $5.00 Toll Free Number: $5.00

  2. Pricing
    Single Play (One Service): Basic: $20.00 Community Unlimited: $28.00 USA Unlimited: $42.00 Double Play (Two Services): Basic: $18.00 Community Unlimited: $26.00 USA Unlimited: $40.00 Triple Play (Three Services): Basic: $15.00 Community Unlimited: $23.00 USA Unlimited: $37.00

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  3. FAQ & Guides